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    双屏专家/Dual Screen Expert

    XH-007Dual Screen Expert双屏专家技术特性:内置一个7寸LED液晶屏两个15.6寸触摸屏和全新的15.6寸液晶屏,亮度和可视角度更好。采用功能强大的操作系统。酷睿I5双核处理器,Intel120G固态硬盘,4G(DDR3)笔记本内存。12个DMX输出端口,6144个DMX通道。支持Artnet,并可扩展至64个DMX输出口。内置UPS电源,断电可供电30分钟左右(可以定制断电

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    Dual Screen Expert



    酷睿I5双核处理器,Intel120G固态硬盘,4G(DDR3)笔记本内存。12个DMX输出端口,6144个DMX通道。支持Artnet,并可扩展至64个DMX输出口。内置UPS电源,断电可供电30分钟左右(可以定制断电可工作时间)防止突然断电系统损坏或丢失程序。特有的无需接外部电源可以开机工作。内置键盘:10个宏按键,可编辑任何程序。20个重放推杆,A\B分区可以翻页,用于复杂的表演。可以外接一个Expert Wing,扩展预置推杆,可同时运行更多的程序。支持1000个虚拟重放。内置图形发生器,且内置效果可以同步。控台内置播放器时间码,可以很方便编辑灯光秀。强大的CMY调色板功能。支持涂鸦式手写命名功能。支持中文菜单显示,且内置多国语言。内置数千种灯库,并内置灯库编辑软件。内置Visualiser可视化舞台模拟软件,支持视频。提供MIDI时间码控制 。Remote远程控制。远程触发

    的Cue 会在控台显示。

    Technical features: Built-in a 7-inch LED LCD screen, two 15.6-inch touch screen and a new 15.6-inch LCD screen, better brightness and viewing angle. Use a powerful operating system.

    Core I5 ??dual-core processor, Intel120G SSD, 4G (DDR3) notebook memory。 12 DMX output ports, 6144 DMX channels。 Artnet is supported and can be expanded to 64 DMX output ports。 Built-in UPS power supply, power off can supply power for about 30 minutes (can be customized power-off work time) to prevent sudden power-off system damage or lost programs。 Unique without the need for an external power supply to boot。 Built-in keyboard: 10 macro buttons for editing any program。 20 playback faders, A/B partitions can be paged for complex performances。 Can add an Expert Wing, expand the preset putter, can run more programs at the same time。 Supports 1000 virtual replays。 Built-in graphics generator, and built-in effects can be synchronized。 The console has a built-in player timecode that makes it easy to edit light shows。 Powerful CMY palette function。 Graffiti-style handwriting naming is supported。 Support Chinese menu display, and built-in multi-language。 Thousands of light libraries are built in, and light library editing software is built in。 Built-in visualiser visual stage simulation software supports video。 Provide MIDI time code control。 Remote remote control。 Remote trigger

    Cue will be displayed on the console。


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